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Junior uniform.jpg

Pre-School, Pre-Primary
& Primary Ballet

Skirted Leotard in Marine Blue

Pink Ballet Tights

Satin Ballet Shoes

Optional Cross-over Cardigan in Blue or White

Grade 1 to Grade 3 Ballet

Mulberry Leotard

Ballet Tights

Optional Mulberry or White Cardigan

Satin Ballet Shoes

Low Heel Character Shoes

grade 1 to grade 3 uniform.jpg
Grade 4 and 5 uniform.jpg

Grade 4 & Grade 5 Ballet

Royal Blue Leotard

Pink  Ballet Tights (Convertible for Gr 5 and up)

Satin or Canvas split sole Ballet Shoes

High heel (Cuban heel) Character Shoes

Optional Cross-over Cardigan

Optional Wrap Over Skirt (any)

Grade 6 to 8 Ballet

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