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Classes We Offer

Combo Class

Jazz is a high energy, fun class which consists of technique training (turns, kicks, leaps, isolations etc), and covers a wide range of styles, including lyrical, musical theatre, and street (hip hop). For more info see our 'What is Jazz Dance?' video on the Gallery page.

Tap is a rhythm based dance genre where the dancer acts as a  percussionist as well as a dancer. Beats are made using the metal plates at the toe and heel of the tap shoe.

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Royal Academy of Dance


The RAD is a highly respected, international organisation

that provides an enjoyable yet thorough ballet syllabus for everyone from pre-schoolers to adults.

Dance to Your Own Tune

The pre-school programme is a story-based class with the  children's imagination at its core. Through play, they learn about balance, co-ordination, speed and level changes, posture and dynamics among many other skills.

Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance

A more structured,  technical follow on from the DTYOT programme. Students can be entered for Class Award Exams.

Grades 1-8

Classical ballet syllabus with elements of Character and Free Movement (grades 6 - 8). Suitable for all students. Students are entered for either Class Award or Graded Exams

Vocational Exams

For the more serious ballet student, these highly technical exams include pointe work and run along side grades 6 - 8. They are a first step towards a career in dance or dance teaching. Students may only be entered if they first pass  an assessment by the teacher.

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